Belmont is a village in Elgin County located between London and St. Thomas, Ontario. As southwestern Ontario has shifted and changed, Belmont changed with it. The little village has been a part of two different counties and two municipalities over its 168 years of life. These days, it’s considered a bedroom community to London. With easy access to St. Thomas, Port Stanley, and its own amenities, this bedroom community has an excellent view.

Commuting to and from Belmont is a great option for those who work in London, St. Thomas, or another of Belmont’s neighbours. Thanks to quick access to the 401, Belmont is only 15 minutes away from the White Oaks area of London and 25 minutes total away from downtown to the North. South of Belmont, St. Thomas is about a 20 minute drive away. Many of the schools that service Belmont are in London or St. Thomas. There are also several schools between both boards located in Aylmer, which is 17 minutes South-East of Belmont.