In the wide assortment of desirable small towns in Southwestern Ontario, Thamesford is set apart by its key location and vibrancy. Sitting at a cross between a branch of the Thames River and Dundas Street/Highway 2, Thamesford is about halfway between London, Ontario and the City of Woodstock. If a charming community outside of bigger Southwestern Ontario cities is something you are seeking, then this guide to living in Thamesford is for you!

The Township stretches over urban and rural areas alike, occupying nearly 530 square kilometers in Oxford County and boasting a population of just over 8000 people. For comparison, the village of Thamesford had a population of 2,116 people in an area of 2.76 square kilometers as of the 2016 Canadian Census.

Thamesford and its neighbours in the Zorra Township are famous for two loud and rowdy festivals, but don’t get the wrong idea. Life in Thamesford is an escape from London’s metropolis and even Woodstock’s smaller-city bustle in favor of a village that is peaceful, quaint, and comfortable. With recent developments and the potential for more, Thamesford is emerging as a popular commuting option in Southwestern Ontario.