Masonville is a thriving neighbourhood in the north end of London, Ontario. It falls within the borders of Fanshawe Park Road West (north), King’s University College (south), Adelaide Street (east) and Medway Valley Heritage Forest (west). It is regarded as one of the finest neighbourhoods in the city and has a fantastic reputation amongst Londoners. Because the location is at the north end of town, it is about fifteen minutes from the city centre. There are plenty of LTC bus stops throughout the neighbourhood, connecting it to Western University and the rest of the city. Masonville is a significant shopping district in the city, making it an ideal location for many demographics, from students all the way to large families.

Small apartments, large single-family homes (with and without pools), one-floor condominiums, townhouses and ranches make up a majority of the properties for sale in Masonville. Compared to other neighbourhoods in the north end, the residential areas here are more mature. The result of this is fully developed foliage and towering trees lining most streets. Buyers will be pleasantly surprised to see residential streets complete with unique housing, veering away from the ‘cookie cutter’ style of many new residential neighbourhoods.