Hazelden, a small residential area within the broader Oakridge neighbourhood. This is a district where residents can find solace from the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing Forest City. Located in proximity to parks, commercial areas and plenty of schooling options – Hazelden is perfect for young professionals and families alike!

The area is full of single-detached homes. This is a premier location with mature properties and large lots. The houses in the area range in price but generally fall in the higher price bracket. Homes for sale (as of early 2018) range from single-detached two-storeys starting at $435k to riverfront estates valued at $2.2m. Residents in Hazelden can head to St. Anthony Park or Hazelden Park for green space. Hazelden is larger and offers accessible soccer fields, a baseball diamond, play structure and swing set. There are often little league teams playing on this soccer field in the warmer months. The neighbourhood itself is attractive to potential buyers because it has had time to flourish over the years.