London is a city in Southwestern Ontario, home to over 400,000 citizens. Some of London’s most prominent features include the University of Western Ontario campus, as well as Fanshawe College, making this city a popular home for students. The city is well-known for its medical facilities, and features multiple hospitals. Downtown London has traditionally been the retail and business center of London, but over the past few decades it has transitioned towards the city’s entertainment district.  You can find Budweiser Gardens (home of the London Knights and London Lighting), Museum London, the London Music Hall, the Grand Theatre, Covent Garden Market, several art galleries, and many of London’s best restaurants. London features a diverse job market, with major economic areas including a recent shift towards technology, medical research and education as a result of proximity to the hospitals and educational facilities, as well as insurance, perhaps most prominently the London Life Insurance Company. With many different thriving industries in London, the future looks bright.
Search Homes & Properties For Sale in Residential Areas of London
Homes For Many Budgets and Lifestyles London features many distinct neighbourhoods with unique features and facilities, so it can help to know what you’re looking for in residential real estate properties when searching for a neighbourhood. London has homes to suit many different budgets and lifestyles. For example,  River Bend has close access to many different businesses, shopping centers, schools, and Western University. Other residential areas include Byron, Oakridge, and Summerside, a fairly new neighbourhood.  
A Thriving Real Estate Market
There are many factors that are continually attracting more people to the city of London, including the many parks and public spaces, unique culture, and plentiful job opportunities. As more and more people come to London, there is a resulting increase in prospective buyers, meaning that London is in a very good state for those looking to buy or sell their real estate. From new families looking to find a place to settle, to individuals who need to find a place to call their own while they make a name for themselves, there is real potential in the City of London for anyone looking to sell a home.